Waking up in West Hollywood

(Pakkohan mun oli tulla julkasemaan vahan tarinaa teille viikonlopusta, vaikka kiire onkin ja into hieman hukassa! Noo, miinustetaan naa blogihetket nukkumisesta. Nyt tekee mieli kirjottaa englanniksi, pahoittelen jo nyt jos on kauheesti virheita teksti taynna, koittakaa kestaa muruset!)

My weekend was a blast, one again! On friday afternoon I took a train to LA and Anna came to pick me up. First we drove to Jack in the Box (oh well, how about the 2 kilos?) to have some dinner and after that we headed to El Rey Theatre where our friends were playing a gig.

Their music is little bit too heavy for me but I love one of their songs! When they played that song on friday, Anna and I threw strings to the stage hahah :D

After the show we went to boys crib and had our after party there, like usually. Here's some entertaining pictures to you!

Marcus (Sweden), me and Arno (Finland). Btw, I look like a little piggie..

Mom and daughter, Petra and me. We have an inside joke with her. Every time she is around me, she gets maternal emotions and wants to be sure everything is alright with me. Petra you're awesome!

Boys boys boys.

The diva is in the house, move your asses! :D (The asian guy on the right is the best one ever, PABLOOO!)

We thought it's rude not to take the passed out guy (oh yes, he is JEFF!) to the gang picture with us! yep, he passed out before mid night, good job ASSHOLE! :D

I know it's super cute.. OR NOT.

Hardcore guitar solo by Jared Leto! (who btw thought me and Anna are from Russia and named us after that: Svetlana and Horkina, thanks..)

I had great time that evening and night! Me, Pablo, Arno and Anna stayed up until 7AM. We sat outside and sang a lot of finnish songs like Todella kaunis, talked about all kind of things and just had fun. And btw, Anna finally managed to get Jesus, well kind of!


Arno doing his morning push ups (or not). I still can't handle it, he's the kindest person i've ever met in my entire life!

I have no idea what's happening in this pic. Something really smart.

Here u can see a little bit of the house. I know, it's not the cleanest place..

Anna my pumpkin! She was waiting the whole morning Jesus to wake up. She acted like a little little girl "When is he gonna wake up, when when when!?"

Oh, how nice Jansku!

Jeffrey digging his ear.

After spending the hangover morning with our friends, we needed to drive to Anna's place and get her children on the road with us - we were all spending the night together at my place in O.C. while our parents were partying.

Cherrycherry boom boom! Needed to stop and buy some ice cream on the way home.

Signs about Jesus. They need to mean something!

The evening with our kids was great. We took them to the beach to run and play and in the evening we made pizza all together, watched a movie and played a lot. We let them mess up the whole house and be kids for the whole of their hearts! We need to do nanny dates more often Anna :)

The end. Enjoy the beautiful view. This picture is taken from "our beach", love love love it!

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  1. Oh, once again, your weekends sounds awesome! And once again it looks like you really had fun there, didn't you? The weekend on this shore included a snow storm, and the world was just totally going bananas! :D

  2. Susette: Oh yes, I did have fun! You're lucky to see snow on Christmas.. I miss it. Here in California i do have no christmas feeling because of the weather. And maybe also because my family isn't around here..


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